The platform "Online Conference Expo Center" will create a permanent online community for the target audience of an event or company and provide the organizer with a stable income
Platform Sections
The set of platform functions will ensure maximum audience engagement and effective conduct of any type of events and activities
Section Program
The section is intended for conducting online events of any type: conferences, concerts, seminars, webinars, workshops, trainings, presentations, home entertainment, etc.

Built-in tools will ensure maximum audience engagement and communication with speakers and artists.
Section Expo Hall
An interactive catalog of sponsor and exhibitor companies will allow companies to effectively present their products and services to an audience, conduct online presentations and meetings with target contacts, and communicate with visitors in the company's own video chat room
Section Contacts
The Contacts section is your personal social network for the target audience.

Search for target contacts, formation of favorite lists based on tags, e-business cards with information, an appointment system and a built-in messenger allows the audience to effectively communicate 24/7 and 365 days a year
Section Ads
The Ads section is an open bulletin board in which the platform audience places their announcements, announcements about searching partners and any other information
Meetings and negotiation
The built-in service will allow the audience to conduct productive meetings in a convenient video or audio format and from any device at any time.

Scheduling and holding meetings in three steps, built-in online meeting rooms with screen sharing and unlimited number of participants.
Communication on the platform
Built-in set of tools will ensure effective continuous communication of the audience

Video and text online discussions, video chat of companies, general platform chat, chats for each individual event and session, as well as a messenger for individual communication
Notification system
The automatic system of e-mail notifications, push notifications in the mobile application and on the platform will ensure the attraction and retention of the audience on the platform, as well as informing the audience about the events and sponsors' proposals
Monetization options
Monthly fixed payment by exhibiting companies;
Monthly fixed payment by visitors for access to the platform and content;
One-time payment by visitors for access to the platform;
Sale of sponsorship packages, including for each event or session;
Organization of "Company Presentations" days and the sale of slots to companies;
Selling to third party organizers hosting their events on the platform;
Selling advertisements and announcements in notifications to users;
And many other monetization options!
Create your own Online conference and expo center!
Provide yourself with constant income and constant communication with the target audience for your company or offline events!
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